80X86 Assembly Language Programming


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Course Description

This four-day (optional five-day) course covers the basics of 80X86 assembly language programming. Topics include logic, arithmetic, control transfer, and data transfer instructions, data addressing modes, assembling and linking programs, modular programming, linking to higher level languages and inline assembly. Includes 32-bit and 64-bit application instructions. All topics are reinforced during lab exercises. Emphasis is on understanding the fundamentals of 80X86 application programming. Note: Protected Mode is not discussed in this class, see Protected Mode Class for details about the Protected Mode class.

Target Audience

Software and hardware engineers, technicians, and others needing a fundamental working knowledge of 80X86 assembly language programming.


Students will be able to write assembly language programs using the 80X86 instruction set and to modularize and link these programs to other languages as necessary.


Some previous programming experience with a computer language (high- or low-level).


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