Protected Mode Programming 


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Course Description

This five-day course covers the fundamentals of the 80X86 protected mode architecture including 64-bit mode. Topics include system registers, descriptor tables, gates, multitasking, protection levels, exceptions, debug registers, the paged memory-management system, V86 Mode, and the 64-bit extensions of the 32-bit architecture. Lab exercises reinforce concepts with program examples. The final 32-bit lab exercise is an interrupt driven, multitasking program, with paging turned on.  Labs on the 64-bit extensions are available if 64-bit machines are available.

Target Audience

Software and hardware engineers, technicians, and others needing a working knowledge of 80X86 protected mode operation.


Students will be able to write and execute protected mode programs on an 80X86 system. Students will also be able to read and understand protected mode programs written by others.


Some experience with 80X86 assembly language, 80X86 Assembly Language Programming Course, or permission of the instructor.


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