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The Floating Point Unit (FPU)

Chapter Overviews


Chapter One-Overview of the FPU-In this chapter we present an overview of the FPU unit. Topics include data types, instructions, FPU architecture, FPU registers, environment, and state. 

Chapter Two-Data Types-In this chapter we discuss the FPU supported data types in detail. Topics include signed integer representations, floating point representations, BCD representation, internal FPU representation, number formats, and defining data types in memory. 

Chapter Three-FPU Instruction Set-In this chapter we present the FPU application instruction set. Topics include the register stack, data transfer instructions, basic arithmetic instructions, other useful arithmetic operations, and transcendental instructions. 

Chapter Four-Special Numbers-In this chapter we present the "special" number representations. Topics include representations and operations on zero, infinity, indefinites, denormals, and NaN (Qnans and Snans). 

Chapter Five-System Considerations-In this chapter we discuss system programming considerations in detail. Topics include control instructions, FPU initialization, control and status words, the FPU environment and state, context switching, exceptions, and exception handling.


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