PC Software and Hardware Interfacing 


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Course Description--*

This five-day, hands-on course covers the hardware and software of the PC. Major hardware topics include system architecture, ISA bus, PCI bus, AGP bus, interrupts, DMA, system board peripherals, video, and disks. Software topics include BIOS and DOS interrupts and functions, system memory map, I/O map, writing device drivers, and accessing the PCI configuration space. A special I/O board is used in the labs to illustrate driver concepts. Students will write approximately ten device drivers in the class, including drivers using interrupts and DMA. All topics are reinforced during lab exercises.

Target Audience

Software and hardware engineers, technicians, and others needing a comprehensive understanding of the PC architecture, software, and operation.


Students will be able to write device drivers, TSRs, interrupt handlers, and DMA routines, to access PCI configuration space, to design adapter cards, and to explain the operation of the components of the PC. The overall goal of this class is for the student to have a complete, working knowledge of PC architecture by the end of the class.


Some experience with 80X86 assembly language, 80X86 Assembly Language Programming Course, or permission of the instructor.

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